Intellectual Property Rights Investigation & Enforcement/Counterfeit Products Investigation & Intelligence Consulting

Intellectual copyright infringements are commonplace today particularly in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, and they cost businesses and corporations billions of dollars. The faking and counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products including brand names in Asia and Africa are gradually destroying the competitive advantage of major pharmaceutical companies in North America and Europe. According to WHO, 10% of medicines worldwide are counterfeited. In the West African sub-region, it is a well-researched fact that 35% of all pharmaceutical products marketed there are fake and counterfeit.

Other commonly infringed property rights include technology, music and films. A 2004 study by the Business Software Alliance showed that about 35% of the software installed on computers worldwide was pirated. J.C. Owens is in a position to apply relevant methods to enforce the principals’ intellectual property rights around the world working with local government agencies and professional investigators.