Risk and Crisis Assessment/Evaluation

In the present world, the perception of risk has changed completely owing to increasing threats of political and religious turmoil, acts of international and local terrorism, criminal activity and unforeseen accidents caused by natural and industrial operational disasters. Any of these threats can cause serious damage to a company, its’ physical infrastructure, personnel or operations; and loss of revenue owing to disruption of its services.

In risk and crisis assessment/evaluation, we would identify potential risks and areas of vulnerabilities (and where necessary conduct surveillance) before disaster strikes, thus permitting forward thinking companies and government agencies to mitigate the risk and prepare suitable management strategies.

In today’s business and market-place, the common forms of risk are:

  • • Religious, Civil and Political Disturbances
  • • Local and International Terrorism
  • • Commercial and Industrial Disasters
  • • Damaging Negative Publicity
  • • Natural Disasters
  • • Criminal Activity

We would conduct a full spectrum analysis of the information gathered and distill the relevant intelligence to enable the principals implement preemptive and corrective actions to mitigate the risk of losing their assets.