About Us

J. C. Owens Global Consulting, LLC (“J. C. Owens”) is in the business of offering unparalleled risk and investigation solutions to corporate organizations and government agencies around the world.

Although the company commenced business in 1986, its two main principals have professional risk management experience of over three decades and two decades respectively.

Our clients around the world recognize the fact that in this era of globalization, firms can outsource some of their work to independent agencies in far lung countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan (indeed, we have worked assignments in these countries) but in doing so they should not forget that they are the one accountable and responsible to their client/.principal. This is where we excel in that we literarily work the assignment every step of the way, with the country representative, the only difference being that we are not physically with them in the country.

But all our independent agents/representatives are very reliable and competent professionals we have worked with over the years, the least being for five years, and thus we can vouch for their track record, reputation and professionalism.

That is why we have since 1986 worked thousands of such assignments in 151 countries for principals in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and they have all been appreciative of our work.

We urge you to avail yourself of our professional expertise and experience. We are certain you will be more than pleased working with us.

We maintain our headquarters in the United States from where we cover the world and an office in Lagos, Nigeria, that covers sub-Saharan Africa. Also, we have database of representative/associate offices in 223 countries around the world